• Banking law

    Our Firm specialize in banking law and law for over-indebted individuals (law 3869/2010) and has achieved some of the most favorable decisions in all Greek courts. We have given advice to banks and individuals in all civil and penal banking aspects.

  • Pro bono

    Our Firm is offering back to the community by providing pro bono legal services in cases of non-profit initiatives aiming to protect human rights, human dignity, environment, transparency, health and culture. Dr. Spyropoulos supports all efforts that take into account human dignity.

  • Military penal law

    We have great experience on representing military officers before military courts. We have handled lots of cases that have to do with service. Dr. Spyropoulos has participated to the education of military officers and he has a deep knowledge of military law.

  • Mergers and acquisitions

    Our services offered include the procedures in mergers and acquisitions, both on a national and an international level. We have participated to contracts signed by notorious companies. After all, we offer a full consultancy service on all commercial and fiscal aspects.

  • Contracts and agreements

    We provide counselling services to clients interested in commerce. We are in front of all changes of business sector. Our expertise in negotiations assures the best outcome towards all types of contracts or agreements. Thus, some of the best-known companies have become our clients.

  • Human rights

    We participate in and help all efforts protecting human rights. Human rights can be used as a solution to cases that cannot be solved according to the national law. Our lawyers have great experience as they have attended seminars held in the Council of Europe and as they have represented cases at the European Courts of Human Rights.

  • Commercial & corporate law

    We use our knowledge and imagination so as to countenance all national and international commercial and corporate efforts in several types (funds, joint-ventures etc.) as we are specialized in commercial and corporate law. Dr. Spyropoulos has also studies of financial european and international affairs. So, lots of companies trust our offices for their business.

  • Crisis management

    Our staff and associates can provide strategic and effective solutions in cases of crisis for companies and institutions and create preventive crisis plans.Dr. Spyropoulos is wuite experienced on handling all aspects of crisis (law, media, human resources and financial handling).

  • Intellectual property

    We are specialized in art protection as a basic element of civilization. We have participated in international contracts concerning music rights, cinema rights, book rights and TV rights. Our clients are both companies that hold intellectual property rights and artists.

  • Public procurement

    We manage to promote legal interests and to find solutions to all matters concerning public procurement. As we consider that society deserves the best effort and outcome from public procurement, we advise all participants at business of public interests.

  • Fiscal law

    Our Firm is quite known for representing individuals and companies before fiscal courts. Fiscal law is a quite modern area of law. Our offices have consulted lots of companies and individuals even preventively (tax-planning).

  • White-collar crime

    Our combined knowledge on penal law, corporate law and finance makes us one of the best law firms in Greece for cases of white-collar crimes. Dr. Spyropoulos and his experience in penal law, as he had been appointed as an attorney to special cases of Greece, is valuable for everybody who is prosecuted for an economic crime.

  • Infridgement of personality and fame

    Being dedicated to human meritoriousness, we are specialized in actions claiming compensations for moral damage because of offensive operations, especially concerning media. Internet cases are also our specialization, as Dr. Spyropoulos holds a doctorate degree on internet offences.

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Photios Spyropoulos

Dr. Fotios Spyropoulos Founder / Lawyer / Financial advisor

Dr. Fotios Spyropoulos was born in Patras in 1983. He holds a Phd (2015) on Penal Law and Criminology from the University of Athens (excellent by all accounts).
He studied Law at National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. He did postgraduate studies on Penal Law and Procedure (Master) (2006-2008) and Criminology (Master with honors) (2008-2010) at the same University. He had been a fellow of ERASMUS programme (2005) and he has attended courses of Law, political sciences, sociology and criminology at University of Liege (Belgium). He was also awarded a bachelor's degree on International and European Studies from the University of Piraeus (he attended the faculty from 2007 to 2011).

He has advised several corporations, institutes and NGOs. He has handled some of the most-known civil and penal cases in Greece.


Practice areas
Criminal Law, Banking Law, Personal Data’s Protection, Human Rights’ Protection, Cyberspace Law, Property Law, Labour Law, Tax Law, Domestic Violence Law, Juvenile Law, Business Development, Privatizations, Energy Law, Mediation and Arbitration, International Criminal law

Languages: Greek, English, French

evi androulaki

Evangelia Androulaki Lawyer

Evangelia (Evi) Androulaki was born in Athens in 1985. From, 2015, she holds a master's degree on Criminology (with merit). She studied Law at National & Kapodistrian University of Athens and was awarded a bachelor's degree in 2009. She is also a researcher, having collaborated with Transparency International (Greece) and with the University of Athens.


Practice areas
Maritime Law, Banking Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, White Collar Crimes, Narcotics Law, Immigration Law, Leases

Languages: Greek, English

Marietta Varveri

Marietta Varveri Lawyer, LL.M.

Marietta Varveri was born in Athens in 1987. Graduated from “Varvakio Lyceum” with honours Studied Law at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, graduating again with honours. She did postgraduate studies on Corporate and Financial Law at the University of Glasgow (LL.M. with merit)


Practice areas
Commercial, Competition Law, Banking Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law, Bankruptcy Law, Public Law, Property Law, Contract Law

Languages: English, German, Spanish

Eirini Sakellari

Eirini Sakellari Lawyer / Accredited Mediator

Eirini Sakellari was born in Mesolonghi, Greece, in 1984. Studied Law at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. Graduated in 2007 and she did postgraduate studies in European Law (Professional Master) (2007-2008) and in Business Law (Research Master) (2009-2010) at the University Jean Moulin Lyon 3 in France. From November 2013 onwards she is a PhD can. at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University in France.


Practice areas
Corporate Law, International Business Law, Banking Law, European Law, Privatizations, Competition Law, Labour and Employment Law, Capital markets, Insurance Law

Languages: Greek, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian

Manos Technitis

Manos Technitis Lawyer

Manos Technitis was born in Rhodes in 1989. He studied Law in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He graduated in 2011 with his L.L.B with Upper Class Honors. He is currently doing his postgraduate studies on Penal Law (master on Penal Law and Criminology) in Democritus University of Thrace and on International Business Law (LL.M. οn Transnational Commercial Law & Dispute Resolution) in International Hellenic University.


Practice areas
Penal Law, Human Rights, Cyberspace Law, International Business Law, Contracts, Intellectual Property

Languages: Greek, English, German


Ioanna Karnachoriti tr. Lawyer

Ioanna Karnachoriti was born in Patras in 1991. She graduated from the Faculty of Law at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2015.


Practice areas
Penal Law and Procedure, International Oenal Law, Property and Inheritance Law.

Languages: Greek, English, French

Konstantinos Balomenos

Konstantinos Balomenos Financial Advisor / Crisis Manager 

Konstantinos Balomenos was born in Athens in 1968. In 1992 was awarded with a Bachelor of Management and Economics with thesis topic: “Business Forecasting” of Chalkida Technological Educational Institute. He was also awarded with a Bachelor – Faculty of International and European Studies (1997 – 2001) of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences.


Practice areas
Crisis Management, Business Development, Business Communication, International Law

Languages: Greek, English

Sophia Spyropoulou

Sophia Spyropoulou Translator

Sophia Spyropoulou born in Patras, Greece in 1985. She is a graduate of the Department of English Language and Literature of the Faculty of Philosophy at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (September 2003 - July 2007). Has completed a Postgraduate Programme (Master in Audiovisual Translation) at the University of Surrey, UK (17 September 2007 – 10 September 2008)


Practice areas
Business translation, Legal and Administrative Translation

Languages: Greek, English, French, Italian, Norvegian